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I warmly welcome all questions, do get in touch. However, these are the more common questions asked.


General Yoga Classes


I am unflexible and unfit, can I do yoga?

Everyone can do yoga. Moving and stretching will improve your mobility and flexibility. More importantly, asana (yoga postures) can strengthen and stabilise your muscles and improve postural alignment. Start slowly and listen to your body.


I am a complete beginner. Can I come to the group classes? 

Do call to discuss. You are warmly welcome to join in the group classes as I will teach you how to modify to your needs. Depending on the individual (fitness levels and awareness of body and movement), a few private sessions might be useful initially.


What do I need to bring? What do I need to wear?

I provide all equipment in my home studio (mats, blankets, bolsters and other props). Wear comfy clothes that you can move in.  Try not to eat for 2 hours prior to the class.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pregnancy Yoga Classes


When can I start doing Pregnancy Yoga?

As a rule of thumb, from 16 weeks but each person is different. What is important is awareness of how you feel and what feels right for you.


How can Pregnancy Yoga help me?

Read more on the benefits of pregnancy yoga, click on  the button below:





Are there any Do's & Don'ts?

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Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Precautions